About Us



At The Makeup Movement, we believe that every face has a story to tell, and we can help set the stage for it. Our mission is to create a custom cosmetics movement and define a new generation of makeup and women's self-confidence.

We truly believe in working as a team as opposed to living in the dog-eat-dog world that most beauty professionals are forced to compete in. We believe that together, we can accomplish more and take each other to higher levels. Our professional team exude passion and love for what we do and it's infectious!

Services offered:

  • Wedding makeup & hair
  • Makeup & hair for any occasion
  • Private makeup lessons
  • Group makeup classes and workshops
  • Customized makeup certifications
  • Customized apprenticeships
  • Custom makeup / cosmetics consultations
  • Mineral, non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic makeup products
  • Makeup / Cosmetics business coaching
  • Online makeup / hair classes (coming soon!)

Meet the creator:

Annie Lam - owner, senior makeup artist/hair stylist, Motives Certified Trainer, makeup/hair instructor, licensed cosmetologist

As a makeup enthusiast turned premiere beauty professional, I am a self-acclaimed "perfectionist." Being self-taught to begin my career, it's this self-starter attitude and drive that I believe has made my clients identify with my unique and detailed service experience. After graduating with a Master's of Science in Immunology, I knew in my heart that I was destined for a more fulfilling career in the beauty industry to feed my creative side, although, I still have a love for science. With my knowledge of science and internal human mechanisms, I knew that I had a unique angle towards presenting all things beauty and skincare "inside and out." The mission of my company is my core belief, and my sincerest desire is to help every client that sits in my chair identify with their own personal beauty and be able to teach them to emanate that to the world around them.

Annie has traveled to places like Taiwan, Miami, and Los Angeles to increase her beauty education and keep her skill sets current. She has studied with various makeup artists in the stage, wedding, and movie industries on a one-on-one basis, so that she could bring that knowledge and application technique to her clients here in the U.S.

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