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Master Makeup Artistry Certification Program with Apprenticeship

Our customized training program is unique in the industry. This program is for those who are passionate and committed to building a successful career in the beauty industry.

Our program offers one-to-one makeup and hair styling training, custom designed to meet each student’s skills, talents, and career goals. We will analyze each student and provide training exactly in the areas they need it to augment and develop professional skill sets. Not only will the student receive personal instruction from our master makeup artists, but the student will have hands-on experience doing real world events alongside experienced makeup artists during the apprenticeship.

Artists who complete our program have the potential to become one of The Makeup Movement’s lead makeup artists, or they are welcome to create their own brand for themselves. Our goal is to help each student build a successful career in makeup artistry while developing the student’s makeup skills and artistic creativity. The artistry courses are generally completed within 3-6 months of the start date, depending on the student’s schedule and availability. The apprenticeship and field work can be completed within one year from the start date, depending on how many events the student participates in. A certificate of completion will be granted upon completion of the artistry courses and apprenticeship.

There are no prerequisites or requirements to participate in this program. We accept amateur makeup artists and individuals who have no prior makeup experience as well for certification. Upon acceptance, the student will receive a professional makeup kit, so they have all the tools necessary to complete field work and jobs during the apprenticeship.

This program offers:

Professional makeup artist kit

50+ hours of One to One Instruction covering:

  • Basic Artistry
  • Intermediate Artistry
  • Advanced Artistry
  • Hair styling
  • Business Building

Portfolio Building

Apprenticeship - upon completion of makeup artistry courses or when instructor determines you are ready, you will participate in:

  • Fashion shows
  • Photo shoots
  • Weddings
  • Other events

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NOTE: We currently only offer in-person academy classes in Dublin, California.  Online classes are not being offered at this time.  We are only looking at applications that reside in the Northern California Bay Area at this time.  Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

NOTE: Our apprenticeship program is NOT a paid position.   

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Please share your formal makeup/hair experience with us to get a better idea of your skill set. If you have no experience and only do makeup on friends and family, that's fine too. Just share what you know.

Please tell us what makeup/cosmetic brands you have worked with in the past.

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