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Ever since I began this endeavor to become a professional makeup artist years ago, I have always taken pride and joy in my work on the women I do makeup for.  I enjoy being an artist and creating beautiful works that bring about an exhaltation of confidence that brims from each of my client's faces.  Makeup to me, is an art form that is able to transcend emotions and draw up positive feelings of happiness even despite times that may reflect otherwise.  I started this adventure with one of my dearest friends because we wanted to bring inspiration for ladies all around, "one smile at a time."  We wanted to send the message that there is no such thing as an ugly woman.


Artist Tips:  Always use an eye base (eye shadow primer).  It helps eye shadows stay true color and last all day. An eye primer also prevents creasing and neutralizes natural skin discolorations.  Don't forget to line the lower lash line area with eye base too.



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