Faye's Portfolio

Professional makeup artist; graduated from Westmore Academy of Arts, specializing in Bridal, Fashion Show and Avant Guard Makeup.  Makeup is an art, we are the artists who color the world.  Since I was very little, I've always been passionate about art and fashion.  I dreamt of building my career with an art-focused perspective, so I chose to enroll myself in a professional cosmetic program.  I love to making every woman look their the best, and I also love to see the smile on their faces from deep within when they are able to see their beauty on display.  Every individual is unique, and as a makeup artist, we are confident in being able to enhance everyone’s uniqueness.  Confidence is everything.  We are here to touch everyone’s life around us.  Individual power is limited, but with a team force with the same dream, we can achieve anything we want to achieve.




Artist Tips: Use Motives Invisiline after liquid foundation to create flawlessly smooth skin and minimize the appearance of pores. 


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