Marie's Portfolio

I have a passion for creating beautiful art, no matter who, when, or where. I guess I inherited my creativity from my parents, as my father was a painter and my mother a seamstress. As my parents encouraged my creative side, I went on to win many art contest and accolades. At 18, I became the top assistant for a well-known beauty salon. I discovered that I really enjoyed working on a canvas that was living, vibrant, and breathing, instead of working with artificial man-made paper canvasses. I had a knack for extracting the beauty within, and putting that inner beauty on display for all to see how gorgeous a woman's worth is. I then went on to work full time for plastic surgeons and decided that I wanted to help women feel and look beautiful without the need for cosmetic surgery.

My mission now as a professional makeup artist is a primary focus on beauty and wellness together. My burning desire is to empower as many women as possible to continuously enhance their beauty and constantly re-invent themselves for further success.

Artist Tips: Always start with a clean, moisturized face followed by a face primer before you start your makeup application for a smooth, flawless, and long lasting look.


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