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Personal One-on-One Lessons

Private lessons are available for you to learn anything that you need with the products and tools that you currently own.  Whether you're a bride who wants to learn how to do your own makeup on your big day or a makeup artist who wants to learn advanced makeup techniques, you will maximize your time and money with this custom tailored workshop.

Example topics:

  • Basic or advanced makeup

  • Targeted or general makeup applications

  • Airbrush makeup

  • Cosmetics that work for you

  • Hair styling

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Private Group Lessons

Private group lessons are custom tailored to you and your group. We go to you so you can maximize your learning experience and focus on having fun! These are great for birthdays (think makeup lessons with wine), teen birthdays, bachelorette parties, Mother’s Day and other special occasions. Parties of 5 to 10 are optimal.

Example themes:

  • Fabulous Eyes

  • Perfecting Your Skin

  • Tips and Tricks for Everyday Makeup

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Master Makeup Certification & Apprenticeship

This is a one to one makeup training program custom designed to meet each student’s skills, talents, and career goals. Not only will the student receive personal instruction from our master makeup artists, but the student will have hands-on experience doing real world events alongside experienced artists during the apprenticeship. Artists who graduate from our program have the potential to become one of The Makeup Movement’s leading makeup artists. Our goal is to help each student build a successful career in makeup artistry while developing the student’s skills and creativity.