What makes “The Makeup Movement” Bridal Experience unique?



Above & Beyond

We at The Makeup Movement take weddings very seriously. We are honored and flattered that you took the time to consider us for your beauty needs on your wedding day. We make every effort to deliver your beauty vision and beyond. When you make an investment in us, we make an investment in you as well. Not only will we reply to all your questions and requests promptly, we spend lots of time studying and thinking about what we can do better for your wedding. We are not just someone you hire to make you look pretty. We are whole-heartedly committed to making your special day a lasting memory of beauty, elegance, love and most importantly FUN! While we can’t compete with your BFF, your sister, or your fairy godmother, we think we are pretty darn close!

Everyone claims that they go "the extra mile" or "above and beyond" for their brides, but we actually back it up with the know-how, products, training and 5 star customer reviews! Our makeup artists are beauty consultants, versed in all things beauty, from the inside in addition to the outside. With the average wedding being 3-4 months away from the bridal trial, we can assist you with any advice or suggestions in terms of diet, skincare regimens or targeted treatments, or specific supplementation to help improve skin conditions that stem from internal issues, as well as what to look out for in the coming months leading up to your special day. We want to be here with you every step of the way, from the moment you book a trial with us all the way through to the time you walk out of that reception, and beyond the wedding if you wish to seek additional help from us.

Attention to Detail

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Congratulations! YOU SAID “YES!”
In the whirlwind of congratulations, idea boards floating around, and lots of advice coming your way, you’ve begun to piece together ideas of what your wedding will look and feel like. Planning your day is an incredibly intimate process, culminating in a precious 24-hour experience that must be handled with great care. Putting on a wedding takes team effort, from friends, family, vendors, and venues. We hope that whoever comes alongside you to help curate this memorable day, makes you feel truly cherished.

We know that brides give attention to every detail of their wedding. We exert the same amount of effort to ensure that we treat every wedding as if it was our own. From the first inquiry from a bride, to the in-depth 3 to 4 hour trials, to executing everything we learned about the bride on the day of the wedding, we are on this journey together with love and pride for what we do. We are grateful to be a part of your special life event and we want to be a part of creating those picture perfect memories.

Every face is unique, so your makeup shouldn't be made for the masses. We only use professional makeup brands that we have trusted and loved for many years. We’ve tested the makeup personally to make sure it can withstand the trials and tribulations of a wedding day - tears, sweat, rain, wind, oiliness, etc…

Best yet is that you can always come back to us and we can help you come up with a day-to-day makeup regimen as well. Since we know your skin from doing the wedding, it's a breezy transition to helping you with your routine and product consultation to make sure you put the right products on your face to enhance your beauty, not to mask or hide it.


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